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5 Must-See Shark Documentaries

by Michael Rogers
Why You Should Swim With Sharks

Every year the Discovery Channel airs a week-long event called “Shark Week.” Shark Week features a whole week of programs about sharks. Unfortunately, most of these programs are sensationalist instead of informative and are designed to simply drive ratings. The shows focus mainly on shark attacks and aggressive behaviors. So they only perpetuate the myth […]

Weirdest Shark In The World Caught On Camera!

by Michael Rogers
Swim With Sharks

Yes, the amazing video that you just watched above is entirely authentic and 100% real. It may not even look like a shark to you but that video was a very rare sighting of the incredible frilled shark. This deep sea dweller has hardly ever been seen by anyone before, so the fact that this […]

Rare Shark Feeding Frenzy In North Carolina!

by Michael Rogers
Shark Feeding Frenzy

The below video was captured in North Carolina on the Outer Banks by Donnie Griggs who is an avid fisherman, diver, and surfer. He took this video on October 9 at around noon along the Cape Lookout National Seashore. While shark sightings are relatively rare in North Carolina, that certainly wasn’t the case on this […]

10 Amazing Facts About Great White Sharks

by Michael Rogers
10 Facts About Great White Sharks

The great white shark is probably the most well-known shark in the world. Unfortunately, the reason this shark is so well-known is because of how it is portrayed in our popular media. Most of us have seen the now classic movie Jaws or have seen other movies and TV shows where great white sharks are […]

A Beached Shark Rescue Gone Perfectly Right!

by Michael Rogers

Learn About All The Different Types Of Sharks Here! I get it. A beached shark struggling for dear life is entirely different from a healthy (and/or hungry) shark swimming around in the water. But these people are still amazing in my book. Just because a shark is on land does not mean that the sharks […]