10 Weird Facts about Sharks

By Glen Shikunov

The animal kingdom has brought many mysteries to the world around us for years. While humans have mastered most of the neighbor animals’ attributes, there are still thousands of unknown facts about all of the species around us. Sharks are considered some of the more interesting animals in the wild as they are ferocious, cruel and aggressive in their nature. While sharks scare away most humans from the ocean, there are still people who research sharks to find out some of their secrets. The shark family has many lesser known facts that are as interesting as they are scary. Whether it is to impress your friends, or exercise your brain power, you will awe at some of these facts of the great shark species. Sit back, relax, and read on as you explore deep into the weird specie known only as the shark.

1.) While the average human lifespan only amount to about 74 years, sharks tend to live their lives up to one hundred years in the ocean.

2.) The Whale Shark is credited with the ability to lay the largest egg in the world. Fourteen inches was the measurement of the egg and it was found near the Gulf of Mexico.

3.) Human beings can last around 30 days without eating before their internal system collapses. Sharks on the other hand are estimated to fast about 6 weeks every year. Also, the record for a shark’ starvation is over 15 months.

4.) Everyone that has seen the movie “Jaws” knows that a shark has a keen taste for blood. It is believed that the shark can taste blood in a radius of two and a half miles and can sense blood in over one hundred miles of ocean water.

5.) Most humans believe that a shark has more bones then the human being. This is untrue as sharks actually have no bones. While they do have a skeleton, that skeleton is made up of cartilage instead of the bones that make up the human skeleton.

6.) While humans develop and lose their baby teeth only once in a life time, the shark has a cycle that generates new teeth building and replacement every eight to ten days.

7.) The shark is considered to be one of the most feared creatures by humans. Yet, it is believed that more people are killed by dogs, pigs, and deer then there are by sharks in a given year.

8.) Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. They are estimated to weight in at about thirteen tons and measure over 40 feet in length.

9.) Sharks are an endangered species because they are one of the slowest species to reproduce.

10.) The sharks keenest sense is the smell. Sharks tend not to think but rather act impulsively based on the smell as two thirds of their brain is based on that sense alone.

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