Although Scientists clear up the Myth of Sharks there is a great Uncertainty regarding to the deep Ocean.

Sharks are one of the oldest Species. They haven´t changed much.

So, what do you think:

Is it possible that Megalodon Shark is still alive out there?

Paleontology Facts:

There was a time, about three million years ago in Miocene: The climate is similar to today, but severe climate changes are already arising.

On land there are living ancestors of deer’s, wolves and horses existing simultaneously with representatives of dinosaurs. It is a hard and ruthless time. It is a time in which the largest carnivores ever dominate land and sea.

And at sea there rules the most dangerous predator of all time:

Megalodon Shark

Many Thrillers are written, telling about this largest prehistoric shark. Some researchers claim, that the Megalodon shark is still alive.

The Megalodon existed in Miocene, from 5 to 1, 6 million years ago. But recently found Megalodon teeth could be dated to an age of 10.000 years.

Megalodon tooth


What do you think , is it possible that the Megalodon is still alive, somewhere, in the deep, blue Sea?

Click here, if you want to know all fascinating Facts about Megalodon Shark.

Researchers fit up the history of extinct animals for better understanding the one which are living today on the planet earth. They dig for fossils, they hammer to get significant rock samples and they are searching for bones to analyze.

So, paleontology is a very powerful science. Is it necessary to know the ancient world for understanding today’s world? Of course it is.

Biologists have already started to clear up the Evolution of Sharks. So we can make a great picture from the evolution from ancient sharks to the sharks of today.

But there are still so many questions to which we cannot find answers. Not yet. It will require a lot of sweat and hard work to shed light into darkness.

The biggest problem for clearing a shark’s history is that there are too little remnants. Mostly shark teeth are all that remains of shark. Often they where washed up on the beach, that early people used them as sharp spears. So it often happened with the Megalodon leftovers.

All scientists can do is to search for teeth and other little fragments and reconstruct them in comparison to living sharks. So, you see, it’s like building a puzzle.

Carcharocles megalodon, of course, is because of its greatness and dangerousness the most famous, probably extinct, ancient shark.

But there are other ancient Creatures, weird ones:

The Frilled shark, Chlamydoselachus anguineus, is a very unique shark. It is one of two extant shark species in the family of Clamydoselachidae.

You can find them in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. These "living fossils" are not as big as the Megalodon. With about 2 meters in length they seem not so scary, but they have a very special appearance and remember to ancient creatures from "Jurassic Park". Click here if you want to know all amazing Facts about the Frilled Shark.

Paleontology is an important science. It’s not just for breastfeeding the scientists’ curiosity. Isn’t it essential for all of us to understand and know such powerful creatures as sharks?

An important man, Sun Tzu, once said:

"Know your enemy and know yourself…" from The Art of War

I intend to following reformulation:

If there is a living species (sharks) that is as dominant as mankind - but in another habitat - and their territories sometimes overlap:

Shouldn´t we learn as much as possible about each other to avoid every misunderstanding?

So, isn’t this a hot Topic to talk about? I would love to hear your Opinion soon!

"Know your Enemy and know yourself ...?"

What do you think?
Is there a Possibility to avoid several Shark Attacks?

You have already made your experiences with Sharks? Or do you want to share Your Thoughts and Your Opinion with us? Do you have a great story about this? We are looking forward to your opinion! Share it!

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